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Bikerumor.com (part of BikeBoardMedia, Inc.) is the world’s largest cycling tech blog with millions of monthly readers from all over the globe. It was launched in June 2008 by Tyler Benedict, an avid cyclist who loves all the shiny stuff. Since then, we’ve attracted plenty more equally passionate folks that cover everything from road to gravel, cyclocross to cross country, enduro to gravity, even commuting and lifestyle stuff. And everything in between.

Our focus is on featuring the latest, greatest bikes, components and technology, plus the people behind those brands and products. As for racing, well, there are people out there that do it better than we ever could, so we’ll focus on the parts and tech.


Got something cool to show us? As long as it’s bike related, send us the goods and we’ll likely post it. You can even send us pics of some crazy hack you did to your (or your friend’s) bike.

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