No cyclist commuting through city traffic should ride without a helmet. But the visual appeal of many helmets leaves much to be desired.

Enter the latest commuter helmet from ABUS, which combines several innovations for functional protection and a sleek design.

The Hud-Y, pronounced like “hoodie,” brings together popular elements of helmets across the cycling spectrum. It has the deep fit of modern mountain bike helmets and the shape of a racing helmet. Yet it also adds features that many commuters will likely love.

ABUS Hud-y helmet

All photos c. ABUS


One thing riders want from a commuter helmet is the assurance that it will protect their noggin. For the Hud-Y, you get four layers of protective foam, each with different densities. A company spokesperson said the helmet is lightweight while protecting the head from heavy impacts.

According to ABUS, the computer-designed in-mould process creates a durable connection between the outer shell and the shock-absorbing EPS foam inside.

The helmet also has a multi-position visor for additional air circulation and protection from the sun.

The Hud-Y’s rear light has four modes.

Rechargeable Rear Light

If you fondly remember the uber-violent 1980’s classic “Robocop,” then you’ll probably love the Hud-Y’s wide-angle rear light.

Rechargeable with a micro USB, the light strip can be easily removed from the helmet, where magnets attach it. It has four light modes: Power Mode, Eco Mode, Blink Mode and Pulse Mode. The duration of illumination depends on the mode chosen. Maximum luminosity reaches nine lumens.

ABUS Hud-y helmet

The Hud-Y in grey.

ABUS Hud-Y: Comfort and Style

The helmet doesn’t skimp on adjustments to ensure your head feels breezy and comfy. In addition to large vents, the Hud-Y comes with an adjustable Zoom Ace retention system designed to help accommodate cyclists with ponytails or long hair.

It also has a non-slip TriVader strap system and the same ergonomics as most ABUS helmets.

ABUS offers enough colors to make most style-conscious riders happy. Colors include champagne gold, titan, velvet black, flower white, signal yellow, midnight blue and race grey.

Despite the look of a modern racing helmet, the Hud-Y sells for a mid-range price of $150.

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