Off-road accessory experts RIGd are no strangers to the needs of off-road vehicle enthusiasts. With their UltraSwing hitch rack coveted as a top-shelf choice for adding versatility to off-road or overland vehicle builds, RIGd applied their knowledge and analytical approach to engineer a bike rack that would match the looks and capabilities of the vehicles they are put on!

RambleRack Open

The RambleRack secures your bike through extreme off-road travel with no frame or fork contact to worry about

RIGd recognized that the limiting factor on their crew’s ability to bring their bicycles along was often the bike rack – the racks available simply weren’t up to safely transporting bikes across the terrain that their vehicles were capable of handling.  Their engineers conducted FEA (finite element analysis) and real-world testing to determine that the forces applied to the bicycle and rack itself are very different out on the trail versus an on-road route.  The RIGd team felt that the accommodations made to make the racks available easy to use would be compromises that risked the bikes and the rack itself when pushed in moderate to extreme off-road scenarios.

RambleRack Wheel Tray

The RambleRack wheel tray is symmetrical and designed to secure and protect bicycle wheels when things get rad on the way to the trailhead – it will fit tires up to 3″ wide

The RambleRack design utilizes a symmetrical wheel tray purpose built to protect rims and tires up to 3″ wide, with an additional Fat bike tray available for tires up to 4.5″.  A burly perpendicular ratcheting arm that locks in place at 90º to apply direct downward pressure from the top of the tire through the center of the axle.  Ample clearance for fork legs eliminates the danger of component-destroying fork rub, and the entire rack is fabricated from steel to significantly reduce or eliminate flex from the rack system.

The RambleRack is designed with hard trail use in mind, and uses many common non-proprietary parts that are easily procured should something wear out or take damage while off-roading.  The increasingly ubiquitous Voile strap rear wheel retention can be easily replaced and is a proven way to secure loads in dynamic situations.  This modularity allows the use of longer straps should more security be desired or to fit a bigger or wider tire easily.  Zinc primed powder coating ensure the rack will stay looking good through hard use, and the made-in-USA RambleRack is backed up by a lifetime warranty.

RambleRack Arm

The RambleRack arm locks perpendicular to the tray to put downward force on the front wheel, keeping even 50lb bicycles secure when your vehicles wheels leave the ground!

The beefiness of this rack has benefits to those not headed off-road as well – on road, the RambleRack is rated to support bicycles of up to 100 lbs, making it a great candidate for worry-free e-bike transport.  RIGd goes on to specify that the RambleRack is rated for bikes up to 75 lbs in “moderate off-road” use, with “extreme off-road” (think wheels leaving the ground here) driving being limited to 50 lb bikes, still capable of hauling many e-mtbs while sending in four wheels on the way to the trail!

The RambleRack is available in two versions – RambleRack-1 and RambleRack-T.  RambleRack-1 is purpose designed for use on the UltraSwing hitch, however, it will work straight into a 2″ hitch receiver as well.  This version is a static high-clearance stinger, meaning it does not fold up or stow beyond folding the front wheel arm down when not in use.  RambleRack-T is a tray-only rack for use on popular square or round-bar mounting surfaces like roof racks, van bumper post-mounts, and is even compatible with some popular existing rack bases.  This adaptability allows riders to give existing racks the off-road stability of the RambleRack without needing to invest in an entirely new platform.  RambleRack-1 system weight is 46 lbs with the tray version weighing 34 lbs.

RIGd RambleRack Closed

The RambleRack is currently offered for single bike transport, but add-on trays and a double option are on the way

It should be noted that the RambleRack is currently only available to support one bicycle, however, double options will be coming soon, with the option to add-on as a kit also on the way for those who have purchased the RambleRack as a single bike option first.

The RambleRack-1 MSRP is $899 USD, and the RambleRack-T MSRP is $629 USD with both versions currently available for preorder!

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1 day ago

The issue with bike racks is not really that bikes are flying off of the wheel holders, it is the death wobble of the interface of rack and the hitch and all the pivot points and poor tolerances. That’s the fail point and what shakes bikes loose. Looking at this rack it does nothing for the main problem at the hitch interface so the death wobble will continue.