This Fuji Jari carbon gravel bike update looks like a faster, racier version of their adventure-oriented version introduced in 2019, and adds some clever storage and integration options.

It’s worth looking at the pedigree for a minute: The 2020 model debuted with impressive stats and features, including a sub-1000g full monocoque one-piece carbon frame, huge 700×47 tire clearance, and downtube and headtube frame protection. They even offered a custom-molded bento box that nested perfectly behind the stem.

A lot of this was ahead of the game three years ago, and this new 2023 model looks to do the same…

2023 fuji jari gravel bike side view


The standout feature is this integrated top tube storage with Bungie straps. Traditional top tube bag bolt holes are present, too, so you can still run a bento box…and perhaps this corded unit is removable and other options will be offered, too? Or it’s just replaceable/repairable in case a strap breaks.

A semi-integrated cockpit hides the cables at the headset, allowing for easy bar and stem swaps while keeping a svelte appearance.

We reached out for more details but Fuji says the full launch announcement is later this year, closer to when the bike will be available, so for now we’re speculating on details.

2023 fuji jari gravel bike's flex seatpost insert

The seatpost appears to have a flex zone built into it, helping tame rough roads and washboards. It’s non-round, so we’re thinking either the bike is focused on racing (which is supported by the dramatic aerodynamic shaping of the downtube and reduced water bottle mount count on the front triangle), or they’ll offer an adapter to fit a 27.2 round post if you want to add a dropper seatpost later.

Or, it could just be a bumper to keep seat bags from rubbing the post, or even a non-slip section to help keep larger bikepacking saddle bags from swaying. Or all of the above.

2023 fuji jari gravel bike's bottom bracket storage box

2023 fuji jari gravel bike's bottom bracket storage box

A built-in storage box looks to fit a tube, tools, and maybe even a short pump in an aerodynamic fashion. Or just a lot of extra snacks.

2023 fuji jari gravel bike's rear dropout

There does appear to be a stealth fender mount just above the dropout, but no full-duty rack mounts. We’re liking the burly derailleur hanger, though!

Interestingly, the only specs listed on the placard were GRX 1×11 and 180/160mm rotors, which seem big for a race bike, but appropriate if you’re loading it down for bikepacking.

It also lists the frame material as Ultra-Hi-Mod Carbon, which suggests Fuji could be trying to beat the <1kg frame weight of its predecessor. And the fork is a one-piece carbon monocoque design. Listed price for this model as shown is €2,999.

2023 fuji jari gravel bike's adjustable fork dropouts

The fork has three “anything cage” mounts, which are the only other fixed mounting points on the bike. Underneath that rubber dropout cap appeared to be a modular dropout, which could be to accommodate different axle standards or even allow for slight adjustments to fork trail/offset.

The dropped seatstays loosely mimic their Transonic aero road bike. Their horizontal extension off the seat tube, plus the overall thin seat- and chainstay tubes, should add compliance.  This is a bike we’re very much looking forward to riding when it debuts. More as we get it.

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1 day ago

Fuji look to be punching above their weight with this one! count me intrigued. The top tube snack system looks gimmicky but honestly pretty useful.

1 day ago

The integrated storage has one problem, especially if you’re about to pull a snack out of it – it’s located on one of the dirtiest parts of the bike.

Larry Falk
Larry Falk
17 hours ago
Reply to  rodegeek

I like any bike with storage containers, but I’m not sure why more bikes do not have a storage container located under the top tube & seat tube junction like the 2022 Cube Agree (anything to get rid of pesky seat post bags IMHO).

11 hours ago

It’s like they included everything terrible about modern bike design, and added a few more gimmicks. The powerbar bungie thing is hilariously pointless, the best thing about it is hopefully it can be removed and replaced with something useful. I’ll reiterate the point about having in front of crank storage on a gravel bike is basically putting a storage area in the dirtiest spot on the bike.

I suppose other than that, at least the bike is butt ugly?

4 hours ago

I used to sell Fuji bikes when I had a shop. I still have 2 Fujis and use them regularly. What I like about Fuji’s higher end bikes is that they pack in a lot of value. The new Jari is intriguing. I like the top tube bungie because there was a very similar product I used for mountain bike races for holding gels.