Chris Froome began the Tour de France with a watch on his wrist that became available in the U.S. just a few weeks ago.

To track his health vitals and get feedback on his training and preparation, Froome will use the Withings ScanWatch Horizon. The diver-style, hybrid smartwatch offers a plethora of features for professional athletes of all kinds.

The watch includes FDA-approved technology for monitoring heart rate, ECG, breathing disturbances, blood oxygen levels, sleep, and physical activity. Like the diver watches that inspired it, the ScanWatch Horizon is also fully functional underwater.

withings smart watch horizon

Withings said the watch has 10 ATM water resistance, meaning it can withstand water pressure at a depth of 300 feet. This makes it a functional watch for snorkeling and other water sports.

The ScanWatch Horizon comes in the classic diver watch style, with a stainless steel band, but also includes an elastic wristband for athletes wearing it on the go. The battery lasts up to 30 days, and the watch comes with the Health Mate app, which offers various features for athletes.

withings smart watch horizon

Froome has been vocal about his belief that data-driven training plans can improve cyclists’ ability to compete, especially for events like the Tour de France.

He has frequently championed Withings watches, and uses the watch’s health monitoring features to track his weight and sleep regimens. The increased access to data offered by the watches has already benefited young cyclists, he said in a 2021 interview with Withings.

“The more tech I’ve found over the years, the more information that I can share with the team and with my coach from a very personal perspective in terms of activities, sleep monitoring, etc.,” Froome said. “Since using the ScanWatch, I’ve seen that heart rate looks a lot more constant and seems to be tracking in the right direction.”

For its part, Withings designed the ScanWatch Horizon to balance form and function.

“Sophisticated health devices that monitor advanced vitals do not have to look like hospital equipment,” Withings CEO Mathieu Letombe asserted. “With the original ScanWatch, the elegant Rose Gold version, and now ScanWatch Horizon, we have a style option to meet every fashion preference, social occasion, and budget.”

The watch comes in two color options, and is now available at Best Buy,, and Amazon. It’s priced at $500 MSRP.

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15 days ago

“10 Atm water resistant” should be equivalent to ~10m or 30 feet of depth, not 300! In practice it means pretty much what you said though: it’s fine for swimming and water sports—but with snorkeling only as long as you stay strictly at the surface. Even the 4-5m that your average kid with no fins can dive would probably be out of spec.

15 days ago
Reply to  Matthias

1atm = 33.9ft or 10.3m of water. The Withings site and the article are correct with the conversion – 10 atm ~ 100m.
That’s very deep for scuba – that depth starts to require critical decompression steps. I guess it’s more than water resistant enough for normal use and diving.

13 days ago
Reply to  Martin

The 10atm rating does not mean you can literally take it to a depth of 100m/300ft. Google what the specs translate to in normal use. Here is a typical guide from a watch site:

3 ATM/30M — Splash/rain resistant, Washing hands

5 ATM/50M — Shower/bath

10 ATM/100M — Recreational surfing, swimming, snorkeling, sailing and water sports

20 ATM/200M — Professional marine activity, serious surface water sports and skin diving