There’s literally a tool for everything these days, and in most cases plenty of ingenious options for the most commonly used ones. From small boutique brands to industry leaders, here are the best new bike tools we saw at Eurobike 2022…

Clever Standard CO2ools

tire plug insertion and cutting tool that threads onto used co2 cartridge as a handle

Clever Standard lives up to their name again with their new CO2ools line. Offering 3-way ratchet and tire plugger bases, the tools are tiny because they thread onto a used CO2 cartridge, using that as the handle. It’s a great way to reduce material use and re-use something that often just goes into the bin.

The ratchet tool handles up to 55Nm torque and uses standard 1/4″ bits. The tire plug stick has a serrated edge built into it to cut the excess plug off once you’ve fixed the leak.

clever standard mini tire plugger tips fit onto standard 2mm allen wrenches

Taking material reduction to the extreme are their tiny tire plugger tips. The tip fits on a standard 2mm allen wrench, letting you use your existing mini tool as the plug tool.

Or, slide one onto the extender, which threads into their compact chainbreaker tool, turning that tool into the handle.

Park Tool

new park tool brake bleed adapter kits to fit campagnolo disc brakes, trickstuff, and sram db8 mineral oil

Park Tool is expanding their brake bleed kits with new adapter kits (lower left “142”) compatible with the new SRAM DB8 Mineral Oil model, plus TRICKSTUFF and Campagnolo disc brakes.

park tool wall-mount tool bit and lube and grease holders

For the mechanic running out of room, they have two new wall-mount shelves to hold socket bits and their various greases and lubes.

Abbey Tools

abbey bike tools shimano chainring lock ring tool fits over the 24mm spindle

The new Abbey Tools BB SCT (“Shimano Chainring Tool”, on right in photo) solves the problem of how to tighten the lockring on Shimano’s latest 12-speed mountain bike cranksets.

Their standard lock ring tool, which uses a standard pattern to fit other things, wouldn’t work because the central hole wasn’t large enough to fit over the 24mm crank arm spindle. So, they made a version slides precisely over the spindle, which helps keep the tool aligned and engaged on that very thin lock ring.

The backside fits a 1.5″ / 38mm wrench, or you can clamp it in a vice. MSRP is $35, available in August.


birzman flex stand compact bicycle work stand

We’ve seen the Birzman Flex Stand before, but now it’s finally available. Using an ultra-compact, fold-flat design, you can hook your chainstay and seatstay into it when it’s upright, holding your bike in place for minor tweaks. Or, tip it over and slot your fork into the axle sleeve and use it for more serious drivetrain repairs.

birzman disc brake tools include a new piston spreader, pad spreader and pad wear checker

Birzman also showed off three new disc brake tools:

  • Piston Spreader – safely retract your disc brake caliper pistons when pads are removed
  • Caliper Alignment Tool – slide the thin sleeves between rotor and pads when installing or adjusting the brakes to make it easier to align
  • Pad Wear Checker – Check your brake pad thickness so you know when it’s time to replace them

They’ve also introduced a new three-way, thread-on pump head. It fits Presta, Schrader, and Dunlop valves simply by flipping or removing the end.

Ryder Groove Tool Pro

ryder slug plug groove tool pro combines a multitool with chain breaker in an alloy tube

Building on the original Groove Tool, the Ryder Groove Tool Pro is full of all the expected 1/4″ bits but adds a chain breaker and a stronger alloy body. The sleeve and body both work as handles, with multiple slots for the 1/4″ bits, chain breaker, etc.

Put any of the five dual-sided bits (for 10 total tools) into one end and use it like a screwdriver, or put it into the side port to use it like a ratchet. Magnetic spare quicklink holsters are built into the body, too.

ryder groove tool pro shown clipped into the seatpost mount

Ryder includes a strap-on mount and sleeve, using their Slyder system that locks it into place once inserted. Two rubber nubs on the sleeve cover the bit holes on the tool during storage, keeping mud and dust out so bits slide in and out easily when you need them.

Unior Tools

Unior Bike Tools upgraded their EU-made bike shop wheel building suite with a new Pro Wheel Truing Stand and new color-coded butterfly Spoke Wrenches. More wheel compatibility, improved usability, and as always… made entirely in Slovenia. Check out the full details in our deeper coverage here.

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3 days ago

I would be a little concerned that some people might use a LOADED C02 canister too heavy handed and break the threaded head off…? Although I imagine they are designed to handle pretty heavy loads of pressure. Nice idea

3 days ago

Try using a CO2 canister with no cover as a tool handle and see how clever that idea is…

Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot
1 day ago

Cool idea the little serrated blade on the bacon plug tool. I don’t use bacons for my tubeless bikes any more(instead use Stan’s darts) but when I did I had to pack a little razor blade to cut the excess.