Rémy Métailler is video-game good. Hyper-realistic drone footage may be the only thing that can do justice to exactly how good. Happily, the “World’s Best FPV Drone Shot” featuring Métailler, his bike, and a steep downhill in the woods is here.

Watch Rémy stick to slick rock like he’s on a procedurally-generated course, and huck steep drops with no apparent effort.

If it weren’t for how gnarly the Frenchman’s line is, you might not even be able to tell that he’s trying. But anyone who’s whipped through the sticks and caught air like he has knows you’ve gotta mind your p’s and q’s to do it.

To tell a short story short, Métailler can. Check out his style in 4K in this juicy 5 and a half minute clip.

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