Ah yes, the notorious Belgian Waffle Ride — a totally disarming name for one of the world’s most hellacious gravel races. There’s plenty of blood, liters of sweat, and if the competitors had any fluids to spare, there’d be at least a few tears.

“It’s not a gravel race — it’s the un-road race,” warns 2018 Waffle Ride champ Brian McCulloch.

Whatever you want to call it, the Ride helped spur the off-road, drop-bar racing style. And in so doing, it forever advanced the cartography of competitive cycling.

In this episode of PelotonTV‘s “Monuments of Gravel,” McCulloch takes us on an intensive, epic tour of the Belgian Waffle Ride.

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Jason D West
Jason D West
20 days ago

Pretty much mostly talking but l am sure the ride isn’t easy.

19 days ago